At Long Last We’re Back On-line!

At Long Last We’re Back On-line!

Hello there,

This is the inaugural post to the Co-op Blog on the new Sky Dragon Community Development Cooperative web site!  Out site has been down for some time as part of a wider re-organization that the Co-op has undertaken over the past three years.  During this time we’ve been pretty quiet, and have concentrated on doing some much-needed upgrades to our home at 27 King William St.

We’ve also transitioned from an organization that ran multiple business and projects, to one that provides an inviting and professional community space to be filled with other ethical businesses and projects.  It’s been a long period of transition, but we’re finally ready to reach out again to the broader community and to help nurture Hamilton’s continued renaissance.

A series of outreach events are being planned for the New Year, in which Sky Dragon will be re-connecting with our investors, friends and community partners.  There is much to relate, and many great possibilities in store.  Check back to the site regularly for event dates and other updates.

Until then, have a great holiday season, and keep warm!



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