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Campaign to Save the Dragon

The Sky Dragon Center, operating in the downtown Hamilton community since 2004, is under threat of closure. The existing mortgage holder will no longer be financing the project as of April 18th. The Sky Dragon, and the wider community to a greater extent, has only a short period of time to secure a new means of financing or risk the Sky Dragon closing its doors.

You can read about the situation in more detail at the Sky Dragon Blog.

The Sky Dragon Community Development Co-operative is a non-profit worker-coop dedicated to the goals of progressive social and environmental change.

We've created a multi-use community centre in downtown Hamilton where people can explore their individual and collective power for change.

We facilitate this process by providing environmentally and socially-conscious consumer and life-style alternatives, by strengthening the local economy, by raising awareness of social and ecological issues, and by facilitating direct democratic participation and community activism.

We strongly believe that people have the desire to make a positive difference in the world, and that there is a need for progressive organizations to facilitate this desire. What better place to start than here…what better time than now?

Since its birth in 2004, The Sky Dragon Coop has incubated several creative and transformative initiatives. All of them are 100% cooperatively managed, and dedicated to the highest ethical ideals in their operations.

Introducing the Sky Dragon Coffee Club - A limited time offer!

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We are proud to announce our new and improved Bread and Roses Express Lunch!

Not only have we brought back the bowls in a new way, we've also made it FAST! We promise from the moment you place your order to the moment you get it will be under 10 minutes or its FREE!

The Express Lunch includes:

• Fresh Organic Salad
(with choice of delicious home-made dressing)
• Hearty Organic Grains
• Sauteed Organic/Local Veggies
• Free Range Chicken or Organic Tofu
• Coconut Curry or Tamari-Miso Sauce

Monday-Wednesday 10am-9:30pm
Thursday-Saturday 10am-12am
Sunday Event dependent
All closing times may close earlier/later depending on event

The Sky Dragon Family of Ethical Enterprises...

bread and roses bread and roses



Sky Dragon and all of its enterprises are proud to now be running on Bullfrog Power's clean, renewable energy. Check out Bullfrog and find out how you can switch your home or business to green power!

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